Search Engine Marketing Training

Search Engines like Google and Bing are excellent marketing platforms to capitalise on user intent – skipping past the Awareness stage of the buying cycle. Capture valuable real estate above organic search results and overtake long-term Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts with effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

These modules explore the relationship between paid search and search optimisation in website content through high-search traffic keywords and go on to explore various aspects of SEM ad formats, including copywriting of headlines and descriptions

Discover how to use ad extensions like callouts, sitelinks and structured snippets to expand your real estate and strategically route searchers to relevant, crucial landing pages on your website.


Modules on Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Learning ObjectiveMin. Hrs
Structure a basic SEM Campaign4
Differentiate between content that should go into ad copy, callout extensions, site link extensions, structured snippet extensions3
Pass the Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam8
Pass the Google Adwords Search Advertising Exam10
Write a basic SEM campaign report2
Write SEM ad copy catered to high traffic keywords with compelling CTAs4
Optimise targeted keywords with match types and modifiers1
Identify relevant high traffic keywords and corresponding monthly search volumes within specific locations2