Display Ad Planner Training

Do you work in branding or are you a graphic designer or advertising agency planner? Advance your career in digital marketing and advertising by familiarising yourself with display advertising targeting, display ad banner creation and display campaign reporting and optimisation on Google Ads, Facebook Advertising and other self-service display networks.

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Modules for Display Ads Manager Training

Display Ad Planner Course TopicsDisplay Ad Planner Learning ObjectivesMin. Hrs
AnalyticsImplement campaign evaluation based on URL tracking codes0.5
AnalyticsIdentify top performing creative strategies based on URL tracking0.5
AnalyticsPass the Google Analytics individual qualification exam10
Display AdvertisingPlan display campaign targeting on Adwords6
Display AdvertisingPass the Google AdWords Display Advertising Exam8
Display AdvertisingWrite a basic Display Advertising campaign report 2
Display AdvertisingBuild a basic display ad with Ad Gallery on Google Ads / AdWords2
Display AdvertisingDifferentiate between Topic, Placement, Keyword, Demographic, Remarketing, Affinity Audiences and In-market Audiences Targeting1
SEM/SEOPass the Google Ads / AdWords Fundamentals Exam8
Social Media MarketingIdentify suitable social networks to develop based on target audience1.5
Social Media MarketingSet up Facebook Advert Management0.5
Social Media MarketingCreate a Boosted Post via Power Editor1
Social Media MarketingCreate a Page Promotion campaign via Power Editor0.5
Social Media MarketingCreate a video campaign via Power Editor0.5
Strategy & Optimisation Project impressions and clicks based on prescribed budgets & targeting1.5
Strategy & Optimisation Plan for creative strategy & campaign optimisation based on Google Analytics findings 4
Strategy & Optimisation Implement location targeting on AdWords & Facebook Adverts1