Copywriting Training

Are you a writer or journalist looking to upgrade your skills for the digital age? Take the leap into content marketing, social media marketing or website content creation with relevant training in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Branding and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) courses.

Learn to write search optimised copy, social media content in brand voice and strong digital call-to-actions for measurable results. Write to us now with your interest.

Modules for Online Writing Training

Copywriting Course SubjectCopywriting Learning ObjectiveMin. Training Hrs
SEM/ SEODifferentiate between content that should go into ad copy, callout extensions, site link extensions, structured snippet extensions3
SEM/ SEOWrite SEM ad copy catered to high traffic keywords with compelling CTAs4
SEM/ SEOOptimise targeted keywords with match types and modifiers1
SEM/ SEOIdentify relevant high traffic keywords and corresponding monthly search volumes within specific locations2
Social Media MarketingDevelop basic Social Media content calendar2
Strategy & OptimisationDevelop a basic content marketing strategy and calendar5
Branding & Brand CommunicationEstablish target audience persona & create a corresponding brand persona4
Branding & Brand CommunicationDesign conversations between brand and audience personas3