Social Media Community Manager Training


Get trained for a vibrant career in Social Media as a Community Manager on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Learn social media content planning, how to craft and build a brand persona, appropriate ad formats on social media for various businesses and how to interpret website analytics data to evaluate and improve social media campaigns.

Modules On Social Media Community Management

SubjectLearning ObjectiveMin. Hrs
Social Media MarketingCreate a Boosted Post via Power Editor1
Social Media MarketingCreate a Page Promotion campaign via Power Editor0.5
Social Media MarketingCreate a video campaign via Power Editor0.5
Social Media MarketingDevelop basic Social Media content calendar2
Strategy & OptimisationDevelop a basic content marketing strategy and calendar5
Analytics Identify performance of individual webpages via Google Analytics 0.5
Social Media MarketingIdentify suitable social networks to develop based on target audience1.5
AnalyticsIdentify top performing creative strategies based on URL tracking0.5
AnalyticsImplement campaign evaluation based on URL tracking codes0.5
Strategy & OptimisationImplement location targeting on AdWords & Facebook Adverts1
Social Media MarketingManage customer feedback on Social Media4
Social Media MarketingPerform a basic page performance analysis with Facebook Insights2
Social Media MarketingSet up Facebook Advert Management0.5
Social Media MarketingSet up Facebook Business Manager account for Page Management0.5
Social Media MarketingWrite a basic Social Media Marketing campaign report5