Account Management & Servicing Training (Media, Advertising & Marketing)

Prepare for an agency role as a ‘suit’ with Account Management and Account Servicing training. Learn to write digital marketing proposals, media plans and creative briefs, and advise clients on the best digital marketing strategy relevant to their business.

The following modules prepare learners for online marketing roles as Account Executives and Account Managers.

Modules On Account Management & Account Servicing

SubjectLearning ObjectiveMin. Hrs
AnalyticsImplement campaign evaluation based on URL tracking codes0.5
AnalyticsIdentify top performing creative strategies based on URL tracking0.5
AnalyticsIdentify performance of individual webpages via Google Analytics0.5
AnalyticsIdentify performance of individual marketing channels via Google Analytics1.5
AnalyticsSegment audiences via Google Analytics to monitor specific audience segments3
AnalyticsPass the Google Analytics individual qualification exam10
Display AdvertisingPlan display campaign targeting on Adwords6
Display AdvertisingPass the Google AdWords Display Advertising Exam8
Display AdvertisingWrite a basic Display Advertising campaign report2
Display AdvertisingBuild a basic display ad with Ad Gallery on AdWords2
Search Engine Marketing / OptimisationStructure a basic SEM Campaign4
Search Engine Marketing / OptimisationDifferentiate between content that should go into ad copy, callout extensions, site link extensions, structured snippet extensions3
Search Engine Marketing / OptimisationPass the Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam8
Search Engine Marketing / OptimisationPass the Google Adwords Search Advertising Exam10
Search Engine Marketing / OptimisationWrite a basic SEM campaign report2
Search Engine Marketing / OptimisationIdentify relevant high traffic keywords and corresponding monthly search volumes within specific locations2
Social Media MarketingIdentify suitable social networks to develop based on target audience1.5
Social Media MarketingSet up Facebook Business Manager account for Page Management0.5
Social Media MarketingPerform a basic page performance analysis with Facebook Insights2
Social Media MarketingWrite a basic Social Media Marketing campaign report5
Strategy & OptimisationIdentify suitable platforms to showcase clients products and services3
Strategy & OptimisationProject impressions and clicks based on prescribed budgets & targeting 1.5
Strategy & OptimisationPlan for creative strategy & campaign optimisation based on Google Analytics findings4
Strategy & OptimisationDevelop a basic content marketing strategy and calendar5
Strategy & OptimisationImplement location targeting on AdWords & Facebook Adverts1