Council Consulting provides the following services

  • Digital Marketing Consulting For Organisations

  • Digital Marketing Lectures & Talks

  • On-Job Training in Digital Marketing

  • Customised Digital Marketing Courses, Seminars & Workshops

  • Courseware Development of Training Modules for Schools & Institutions

Digital Marketing Consulting

Have you gotten the most out of the thousands that you spend in digital marketing budget every month? Many organisations do not know if they are extracting sufficient value from their e-commerce website(s) and digital marketing – and they do not know how to manage their agencies.

We help organisations like yours to take ownership of your digital marketing and online presence by critically evaluating your monthly website and digital marketing reports, performing digital marketing audits and identifying opportunities for optimisation and growth – sort of like a digital marketing manager who comes in once a month for a team debrief and follows through the year’s marketing efforts with the team.

Yes, we can also help you to whip your current digital marketing agency into shape.

Starts from S$500/month – use the widget on the right to drop us a message now.

Digital Marketing Talks & Lectures

Events like talks and lectures are an excellent way of adding value to your organisation’s audience and clientele, by investing in their education.

We have conducted well-reviewed digital marketing talks and lectures for schools and training organisations such as Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and AVADO, as well as for co-working spaces like MOX.

Starts from S$500/session – use the widget on the right to drop us a message now.

Digital Marketing Course Modules We Provide

SubjectLearning ObjectiveMin. HrsAccount ServicingIn HouseCommunity MgrSEM ExecWriterDisplay Planner
Analytics Implement campaign evaluation based on URL tracking codes0.5YYYYY
Analytics Identify top performing creative strategies based on URL tracking 0.5YYYY
Analytics Identify performance of individual webpages via Google Analytics0.5YYY
Analytics Identify performance of individual marketing channels via Google Analytics1.5YYY
Analytics Segment audiences via Google Analytics to monitor specific audience segments3YY
AnalyticsPass the Google Analytics individual qualification exam 10YYY
Display Advertising Plan display campaign targeting on Adwords6YYY
Display Advertising Pass the Google AdWords Display Advertising Exam8YYY
Display Advertising Write a basic Display Advertising campaign report 2YYY
Display Advertising Build a basic display ad with Ad Gallery on AdWords2YYY
Display Advertising Differentiate between Topic, Placement, Keyword, Demographic, Remarketing, Affinity Audiences and In-market Audiences Targeting 1YY
SEM/SEOIdentify relevant high traffic keywords and corresponding monthly search volumes within specific locations2YYYY
SEM/ SEOStructure a basic SEM Campaign4YYY
SEM/ SEODifferentiate between content that should go into ad copy, callout extensions, site link extensions, structured snippet extensions3YYYY
SEM/ SEOPass the Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam8YYYY
SEM/ SEOPass the Google Adwords Search Advertising Exam10YYY
SEM/ SEOWrite a basic SEM campaign report2YYY
SEM/ SEOWrite SEM ad copy catered to high traffic keywords with compelling CTAs4YYY
SEM/ SEOOptimise targeted keywords with match types and modifiers1YYY
Social Media MarketingIdentify suitable social networks to develop based on target audeince1.5YYYY
Social Media MarketingSet up Facebook Business Manager account for Page Management0.5YYY
Social Media MarketingPerform a basic page performance analysis with Facebook Insights2YYY
Social Media MarketingWrite a basic Social Media Marketing campaign report5YYY
Social Media MarketingSet up Facebook Advert Management0.5YYY
Social Media MarketingDevelop basic Social Media content calendar2YYYY
Social Media MarketingCreate a Boosted Post via Power Editor1YYY
Social Media MarketingCreate a Page Promotion campaign via Power Editor0.5YYY
Social Media MarketingCreate a video campaign via Power Editor0.5YYY
Social Media MarketingManage customer feedback on Social Media4YY
Strategy & OptimisationIdentify suitable platforms to showcase clients products and services3Y
Strategy & OptimisationProject impressions and clicks based on prescribed budgets & targeting1.5YYYY
Strategy & OptimisationPlan for creative strategy & campaign optimisation based on Google Analytics findings4YYYY
Strategy & OptimisationDevelop a basic content marketing strategy and calendar5YYYY
Strategy & OptimisationImplement location targeting on AdWords & Facebook Adverts1YYYYY